Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I have some floors!

There's good news and bad news: last Friday I went out and there were lots of guys working, three sheetrockers in the west apartment and three carpenters putting up trim around windows in both apartments. The floor installer had finished installing the floor on the second floor of the east apartment (the one I'm moving into in 3 weeks) and was starting on the first floor. Sanding and two coats of polyurethane should be happening this week. Then the painters come in, followed by another coat of polyurethane on the floors.

The floors are going to be beautiful; the white oak with no stain will look really nice with the beams.

Great care has been taken to fit the floor boards around the beams.  They chipped away the bottoms of the beams to accomplish this.

bottom of beam chipped away, plywood subfloor visible
floor boards fitting under and around beam
installed flooring
The bad news is that my missing mason has suffered a family tragedy (his daughter's husband was killed in an ATV accident) so he won't be coming to do the big retaining wall for another few weeks.  I'm now resigned to the fact that the landscaping won't happen until fall, since nothing can be done without that wall.

I had assumed I would be moving into a place with no kitchen at all, but Dave said the cabinets are due to arrive May 25, so I may have cabinets, but of course, no sink or cooktop until the countertop gets templated and fabricated, which will take a couple of weeks.