Wednesday, October 22, 2014

More rock work

The monumental wall is finished, but we are still obsessed with rocks!  Terry and Kyle have graciously agreed to keep working, though their services are demanded elsewhere, and they've built me a magnificent set of steps to the back door on my side of the house.

Finished grade will be brought up to the level
of the rocks on the right;
 the wooden steps will be removed.
On the other side, they've begun steps, a walkway to the garage and a patio. All summer they put aside big flat rocks for use in walkways and the patio, and there are lots of wonderful specimens to use.  But they wanted one really big, exciting rock for the patio and they decided they just had to peel one off from the ledge.

Terry drills a line of holes along where
they want it to break off while
Kyle inserts rods between the layers of rock

A little nudge is all it takes for it to separate
Then slide it down the ledge face

They've brought it over to the patio area and have begun to fit other rocks around it.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Almost ready for guests

While Kyle and Terry have been working outside, and Mark, Matt, Gerry, Mike, Noel, Chris, Jeff, et al.  have been working inside, I have been busy shopping for furniture (and cleaning, painting, assembling and moving it).

My organizing principle was which quilts would go on which beds in which rooms.  (With one exception, I made all the quilts and wall hangings.)

I bought some things from Ikea, some from second hand shops and yard sales, and some on the internet, and finally it's ready for guests.  It could still use a few chairs and small pieces, but it is habitable, and just in time, for I have a group coming in October!

Here's how the great room downstairs came together:

Wall hangings I made for the stairwell:

Upstairs bedrooms:


One of the beds for the downstairs bedroom had a defective part, so they sent a new one, but it was for the wrong model. I am supposed to be getting the correct part next week. Not quite down to the wire, but close enough to make me a bit anxious!