Friday, November 14, 2014

Car In Garage!

 And just in time: we had snow last night.

So Terry and Kyle finished a spectacular patio, then it was Bill's turn to bring the yards and yards of topsoil they took from here when they built the garage that he'd been stockpiling for me and bring everything up to grade.

Here's Kyle spreading topsoil, patio in the foreground

Walkways from house to garage and from driveway to patio
Terry spreads topsoil by hand

Laika will miss them!

Bill's guys put on the final layer of pea stone in the parking area today; planting will have to wait until spring...

I made my maiden voyage into the garage, at long last!

2015 Tanglewood Schedule

The BSO announced its 2015 Tanglewood schedule yesterday.  Here is a link:

Looks like something for everybody except hard rock!