Saturday, August 15, 2015

Brief garden update

I was able to continue planting through June, but since then have just been letting things grow, pulling weeds, and watering when needed.

 Here is the patio area, with the fence painted, a new bench, some shrubs and somewhat bigger perennials.  The trellises are for honeysuckles which the hummingbirds found right away.
The herb garden at the corner of the garage, with its border of marigolds, is doing the best, since I got that in much earlier than everything else.  There are lots of empty spaces, and I'm getting ready to order things to fill them with for fall planting.

I am particularly pleased with the red sunflower.  Next year I'll plant more of those! The basil has outdone itself: I've been making and freezing pesto which I will enjoy all winter.

This weekend is the last weekend of BSO concerts at Tanglewood. (Pops concerts and other events will continue for a few more weeks.)  The season ends a bit early this year because they are going on a European tour.  At the beginning of the season I joined the BSO Volunteer Association and became a Tanglewood tour guide.  It is such a joy to wander around the beautiful grounds during the day and hear music coming from several rehearsals at once. Tonight is the last concert I will attend this season: our young (same age as my daughter!) conductor and his opera singer wife are featured.  

Terry and Kyle stopped by the other day, and they are still planning to come back sometime this fall to make something in the front of the house with the left-over stone, so stay tuned!