Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Ready for Winter

We are having an unseasonably warm week for November, but I have not forgotten that we had snow on Thanksgiving last year.  I've got the firewood stacked, put the garden to bed, and staked the driveway for the plow.

Terry and Kyle did not make it here to build the wall in front (who's surprised?) but I have high hopes for spring! Also slated for spring is a more permanent solution to the problem of the driveway washing away in a big rain storm.  This will involve a small retention structure and a tie-in to the catch-basin in the street, which has necessitated the involvement of an engineer and the State Department of Transportation. Nothing is simple. (The temporary solution is a series of water bars which makes for a very bumpy ride up to the house.)

Most of my guests ask to see "before and after" pictures, and I have asked Dave for some "before" pictures.  He has yet to produce any though he says he has lots, but meanwhile, here is one I found on his website from when they were just starting the work.