Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Progress on the wall

I am finally able to report that Ricky and Brandon have made quite a bit of progress on the driveway drainage project, and that Terry and Kyle have begun work on the retaining walls.

Hard to remember that snow was still on the ground
when Terry and Kyle came to lay out the location of the retaining walls

Ricky and Brandon did the site work and prepared
the base for the lower of the two planned retaining walls

This is where all the water is supposed to go
at the bottom of the driveway (as opposed to
washing the driveway into the street!)

Trench across the driveway: connecting one catch
basin to another

Catch basin number 1

Terry & Kyle arrive with their equipment.
 Lots of earth-movers now on site!

The first stone of the lower retaining wall

Placing the second stone

Of course, everything is still a mess in the front, but at least it is moving along. Will it take 2 weeks or 2 months to complete?

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