Saturday, July 9, 2016

More Progress, albeit slow...

Ricky has done as much as he can until Terry and Kyle finish the wall, when he can come back and put in one more drainage pipe on the uphill side of the driveway, then finish the driveway itself.

Got to get the elevations just right so the water
goes where it's supposed to

Most of Ricky's work ends up underground

Tying into the catchbasin in the road

View from the street

Back-filling the trench

Trenches covered up, grass starting to grow back
(rock-pile getting smaller)

We finally had a hard rain last night, and it looks like all the water went just where it was supposed erosion of the driveway.

Meanwhile, work on the wall is continuing.

They work from the center out.

Lower wall in progress: stakes mark
 location of upper wall.

Lower wall nearing completion. Work on upper
wall should begin next week.

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