Sunday, October 23, 2016

Snow on Mt. Greylock

After our summer of drought we finally got a good soaking rain this last Friday and Saturday.  The prediction was for more rain today, but that changed overnight and this morning was clear blue sky.  Since I had gotten all of the 245 tulip and narcissus bulbs I had ordered planted before the rain, that meant today was a bonus day!  I decided to use it to climb Mt. Greylock (at 3491 feet, the highest point in Massachusetts), about an hour's drive from here.

As I approached it began to look ominous.  What was rain here had been snow up there!

Nevertheless, I struck out on the Thunderbolt trail to the summit.  Once I hit the snowy part, it was steep and slippery!  No way I'd make it down that trail! A group of volunteers was out doing trail work, so I asked one of them what would be the best route down, and he recommended the Gould Trail.

Laika was ahead of me all the way, but she
very kindly waited for me to catch up.
In the background is the Veterans War Memorial
 at the summit, built in 1932.

View from the summit.  Too windy to stay very long.

I reached the summit in 2 1/2 hours, only a little longer than book time. It was quite cold and windy at the top, and I had a spot of trouble finding the Gould Trail. Silly me, I had thought there would be loads of people at the top to point the way, but Bascom Lodge (another 1930's Civilian Conservation Corps project) was closed for the season (a day early, due to the snow). But there was one intrepid and kind lady who gave me her trail map (thank you!) so I did find my way down, and the trail came out just a few yards from where I had left my car!

Here are a couple of interesting sights near the bottom of the Gould Trail:

A pedestrian covered bridge

Hollow tree: opening is at least 10 feet tall.

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